Every Knee Shall Bow

He left His throne in paradise to meet man’s greatest need,
Yet the Savior was rejected and led to Calvary,
With their eyes they saw, with their ears they heard,
But their hearts could not believe,
That a simple man, a carpenter, could be the King of kings.
By a sinful race full of unbelief He was nailed upon a tree,
Yet the day will come when the clouds will part,
And every doubt will flee.

Still today the world rejects Him and mocks His precious name,
But the day is quickly coming when evil will not reign,
All our tears will be forgotten,
All our wrong at last made right,
When He comes to call His chosen ones to everlasting light.

The trump will sound, the dead be raised,
The truth will be made known
Every eye will see, every ear will hear,
When we kneel before His throne.

And every eye shall see Him in His awesome majesty,
Every nation shall worship at His feet,
And every tongue at last confess Him,
When He comes to claim His own,
And every knee shall bow before His throne.

Bridget Shevvy