What’s that Smell??

“Live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant

offering and sacrifice to God” Ephesians 5:2 (NIV).

Stinky attitude

I could see the billowing smoke before I even opened the door to our garage.

My big, fat, Greek nose was right – our house was on fire! Literally falling up the stairs, I screamed for my husband and son to get out of the house! The firemen arrived and extinguished the flames. Then they escorted us away from our home. It was midnight, all the neighbors had returned to their beds, so we took our smoky, smelling selves to the nearest hotel.

I returned to our home the next morning and was greeted by the awful, putrid odor only smoke can leave.  

As I walked through our home, that horrible smell penetrated and permeated everything.

Even after months of repairs, rebuilding and repainting, that unwelcomed odor lingers and will not soon be forgotten.

In contrast, I fondly recall warm and inviting smells.

The heady scent of freshly cut pine boughs intermingled with homemade chocolate covered cherries and Greek pastries. These are the smells I welcome wafting through our home.

While both smells have distinct characteristics and both make and leave a definite impression. One is overpowering, leaves a negative impression, and isn’t something you want to be near while the other is welcoming and inviting and leaves you wanting more.

Have you ever considered the metaphor of fragrance to describe your spiritual life?

For believers in Jesus Christ, our lives should demonstrate the penetrating influence of Christ in our lives. As we allow our lives to reflect His goodness, the unique and inviting aroma will be pleasing to Christ and to others.

This priceless fragrance isn’t sold in stores, nor is something you can manufacture; this fragrance is a natural extension from knowing Jesus Christ in a personal relationship.  As we abide in Christ we spread the sweet fragrance of His goodness like a lovely perfume.

Everyday our attitudes, as well as our actions, exude a fragrance. It will be one that draws others to Christ or deters them from ever wanting to know Him.

Will you consider using some of your best characteristics to invite others into the family of Christ?

Is God pleased with the fragrance you’re wearing?  If not, how can you change it?  Draw near to God and allow Him to redirect you.