Let All That You Do Be Done In Love

Let All That You Do

“Let all that you do be done in love” – 1 Corinthians 16:14 ESV

I often need to be reminded of this verse.  If I’m being honest, sometimes I don’t feel like responding in love.  Especially to my family…and when I’m tired…and it’s raining…and I’m hungry…and I’ve already answered the same question a few times.  Sigh.  We’ve all been there right?  When the day seems never ending and it’s almost comical how many things have gone wrong.  It’s on days like that when I need to remember this verse and choose to respond in love.  If I’m going to respond in any way I might as well take a second to breathe and give a kinder response than I feel like giving.  Talking ugly doesn’t change the circumstances but it could crush my daughter’s spirits, make me feel crummier, or damage a relationship I’ve spent so long building.  I’ll never regret being kind but I always regret when I don’t.

I ran across this verse today, on a day that’s going particularly well actually, and I made the image above to help me remember to be kinder and show love on days that are bit harder to get through.

What ways do you do things in love?  Maybe it’s not just about how you respond to difficult circumstances.  Maybe it’s about going out of your way to show love to someone who could use it.  A friendly note or an email just because.  A frozen meal to a grieving family.  A bouquet of flowers and a pizza to a family that just moved in down the street.  A thank you card to someone who was there for you when you needed it.  There are endless ways to show love to others.  Let’s try and let all that we do be done in love.